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Advantages to Faux Wood Shutters

Posted: Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 | Filed under: window shutters, Wood Shutters
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faux-wood-shuttersInstalling some charming new shutters on your windows is an easy way to enhance your house’s curb appeal. But with so many dazzling options available, how can a homeowner possibly narrow his or her choice down to one? You’re probably curious about which shutter style reigns supreme. Should you look into traditional plastic shutters or perhaps you have your eye on an alluring pair of faux wood shutters?

At Shading Systems, we’ve seen a huge rise in faux wood shutter installation, and it’s easy to see why homeowners love this style. Faux wood shutters provide countless advantages over traditional shutters, many of which can help you save time and money at the end of the day. Here are some of the reasons why you should install faux wood shutters the next time you spruce up your window treatments.

Faux Wood Shutters Deliver Maximum Durability

Homeowners loathe spending money on repair costs.  Luckily, they can avoid unnecessary costs by choosing a shutter that brings optimal durability. That’s right, you guessed it! Faux wood shutters are much less likely to rip than your traditional plastic shutters.

Faux Wood Shutters Insulate Your Rooms

Many people love that shutters can insulate your rooms, trapping heat and cool air. Most of the heat and cool air in your home escapes from the windows regardless if they’re sealed shut. Escaped heat or cool air can drive up your monthly energy bill, so your shutters are a critical part at reducing a costly bill. More, importantly faux wood insulators can warm you up in winter or cool you down during the summer – so you won’t have to worry about adjusting your thermostat.

Faux Wood Shutters Are Pleasing to the Eye

What can make the rooms in your house stand out more is how pleasing they are to look at to your guests. Faux wood shutters can do exactly that since their stains and colors can make any room in your house pop and would want your guests to come back.

Faux Wood Shutters Are Easy to Use

Most shutter styles aren’t exactly easy to use; after all, installation isn’t a simple process. But with faux wood shutters, you can avoid common installation mishaps since they are super easy to use and install to your window.

Faux Wood Shutters Provide a Lightweight Option

Installing the shutters are often the most exhausting part of getting your shutters, so getting shutters that are lightweight can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Buying faux wood shutters will make installing them in your house much easier and faster, plus your back will not hurt as much when installing them.

Faux Wood Shutters Come With Enhanced Moisture Resistance

Few things irritate a homeowner more than unwanted moisture in a house. If you find yourself scrambling to clean up messes left by moisture then faux wood shutters are right up your alley. Unlike other shutter styles, manufacturers build faux wood shutters for maximum moisture resistance, so if they get wet, you can clean them with a paper towel.

Faux Wood Shutters Help You Save Money

The phrases “low cost” and “save money” are music to homeowners’ ears, and faux wood shutters can do exactly that. The cost of a pair of faux wood shutters is considerably less compared to the overall cost of traditional plastic shutters. For example, a pair of plastic shutters can cost up to $160, but a pair of faux wood shutters can cast as low as $80. That’s almost half the price! If you’re looking to slash unnecessary costs and expenses, then pick up a pair of faux wood shutters. Your bank account will thank you later.

Faux Wood Shutters Look Identical to Real Wood

The best part about getting faux wood shutters is that they almost look exactly the same as real wood shutters. It’s almost impossible to tell whether or not a pair of faux wood shutters are real or fake wood, so it’s very likely you’ll fool your houseguests.

Install Your Own Faux Wood Shutters Today

With these advantages, it’s clear that faux wood shutters are your best option. Get ready to fill your home with joy and light, as you enjoy the benefits of this season’s #1 shutter choice. For more information about window treatments, subscribe to our blog and contact us at (908) 686-4466.

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