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Best 2019 Summer Window Treatments

Posted: Friday, June 7th, 2019 | Filed under: Summer Window Treatments, Window Treatment Styles, Window Treatment Trends
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Summer Windows
Summer is the time to relax from all the stresses of work and life. It’s the perfect time to kick back with some friends, enjoy the warm weather, and even finish up some remodeling around the house, specifically your window treatments. Some updated summer window treatments can help increase privacy and even help you save money on your monthly cooling bill.

Now comes the difficult part – which summer window treatments should you install into your house? Don’t worry; Shading Systems has all the juicy details on this season’s most popular window treatments. Here are a few of the best summer window treatments that you need to try this year!

Elite Roman Shades

If you want some summer window treatments that will elevate your house’s aesthetic, then elite roman shades may be up your alley. They nifty window treatments give homeowners an easy way to adjust shades without the hassle of dealing with flimsy plastic shades. More importantly, elite roman shades all you to control the flow of light in your room. As a result, you can keep your room a specific temperature all day long.

Sheer Pleated Shades

Speaking of easy-to-use shades, why not give some sheer pleated shades a whirl? Not only that you can just use your hands to use them, but they can also give your home some natural sunlight since nothing can make a home brighter like natural sunlight. The mix between some see-through shades and the summer weather can be the best fit for your home. Get ready to enjoy benefits from the extra sunlight including better attentiveness and concentration, reduced eye strain, and even an overall improvement to your mood.

Wooden Blinds

The numbers are in, and homeowners absolutely love these types of window treatments, and it’s easy to see why. Wooden blinds are super easy to use and give any room some rustic vibes. Plus, some wooden blinds can give your home a cozier feel for all your guests to enjoy.

Wooden Cornices

If you love wooden blinds, then boy oh’ boy do we have a treat for you. You can give your windows some added flair with wooden cornices. If you decide on this approach, make sure you tread lightly with the installation process.

Solar Shades

These shades are perfect for that occasional summer heat wave, not to mention our personal favorite. These window treatments are essential to keeping your house cool by blocking out heat and harmful ultraviolet rays. Most importantly, they can fit into pretty much any design because these window treatments come in a wide array of designs.

Which Summer Window Treatment Will YOU Choose?

So many window treatments, so little time. Each window treatment offers a unique set of benefits. Ultimately, however, the decision boils down to your budget and style preference. So which summer window treatment will you choose to install into your home this season?

Still in need of more tips and advice when it comes to installing shades? Don’t fret; Shading Systems has got you covered! Make sure to subscribe to our blogs with the latest trends in window treatments.

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