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Top 2019 Window Treatment Color Trends

Posted: Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 | Filed under: Color Design, drapery systems, interior design, Window Treatment Trends
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Window Treatment Color TrendsSpring and summer both bring beautiful weather and an explosion of color all around. From nature and fashion to room décor, now is the perfect time to update your houses’ color palette with new window treatments in awe-inspiring colors. Pantone named Living Coral as the color of the year, but we don’t recommend incorporating it into your room’s design. While Living Coral is certainly better, the experts at Shading Systems have other ideas in mind. Here are a few window treatment color trends for 2019 that you need to try.

Black Window Frames

Window frames can give any window in any room a feel. But black window fame takes things a step further by delivering vintage AND symmetry once installed. This window and color combination is definitely a double threat. This choice is a must for any house featuring a black and white palette. P

White Redi Shades

What can be a more classic look for a window than a pair of white shades? There are many types of shades to choose from, but fabric Redi shades are the best kinds for your windows this year. Not only that fabric shades are less likely to fall apart than plastic shades, but the white of the shades can make your house cooler and keep the sun from absorbing into the shades.

Light Grey Woven Curtains

We know what you’re thinking: “Grey is so boring!” Well thinking again, we’re seeing more homeowners incorporate this color into their room décor. Whether your home’s color palette is black or white, some light grey woven curtains will be exactly what the rooms in your home need.

White See-Through Drapes

This color trend took us by surprise, too. Nonetheless, we’re glad we discovered it. If you want to give your room an effortlessly clean and simple look, then look no further than some white see-through drapes. They offer your room privacy without taking away from the gorgeous view outside once you draw the drapes. Make sure you keep this window treatment on your radar because we know they will increase in popularity. Remember: you heard it here first.

Blue and White Mecca Print Curtains

We cannot emphasize this enough: You don’t have to settle on a solid color for your curtains. In fact, we personally feel they’re overdone and lack originality. Instead, think about adding some gorgeous patterns to give your curtains a breath of fresh hair. We recommend blue and white mecca print curtains. Some blue and white mecca print curtains can give your home that pop of color and brighten your house in the end.

Light Green Kitchen Curtains

Your kitchen is a critical part of your house. As such, you’ll need to make sure you install beautiful window treatments to elevate the room’s décor. By installing some light green curtains, you can give your kitchen an earthly feel that captures nature’s beauty.

Update Your Window Treatments With a Revamped Color Palette Today

Need more help with your windows and shades? No problem! Shading Systems is here to help! For more information about installing shades and other window treatments tips, contact Shading Systems Inc. at (888) 742-3464 and subscribe to our blog.

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