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How Much Should I Budget For Window Treatments

Posted: Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 | Filed under: Custom window treatments, Types of window treatments, window treatments
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Window-Treatment-BudgetWhether you’ve just purchased a new home or thinking about revitalizing your old worn out curtains, you’ll eventually need new window treatments. But too many homeowners underestimate how costs for new windows can add up. Like most home renovation projects, it’s always best to plan ahead of time so you can cut unnecessary costs. Here are our tips on how to budget for window treatments.

What Window Treatment Style Do You Want?

So many different types of window treatment styles, so little time. From long flowing curtains to small louvered shutters, the type of treatment you choose can make a big difference in price.

Curtains and drapes are great low-cost options, usually ranging between $70 and $200 per window. Affordable materials will keep you on budget; but if you opt for a fancier material such as silk, you could be looking at $1000 or more per window.

Blinds and Shades are also low-cost options, and they look great in any window. Most retailers offer custom blinds and shades to your window’s size for about $7-$25 per window, but you will have to install your window treatments yourself. Alternatively, you could order custom blinds or shades, which include features like automatic movement. However, they will cost you around $150-$200 per window. On top of that, installation costs (if you hire a professional) may range anywhere from $80-$250.

Shutters are generally the most expensive option but have an unrivaled look. They always need to be custom made and professionally installed, which hikes up the price quite a bit. If you want shutters, you will need somewhere between $100 and $700 allocated for each window. The installation costs will add an extra $150-$400 to the total cost. Shutters are a great option, but make sure you have enough money to pay for them.

Save Money With A Long-Term Window Treatment Plan

Any successful home renovation relies on a comprehensive plan. If you want to keep up with changing trends or plan on switching up your treatment every few years, you should probably look into affordable options. These options will do their job, but the materials won’t last you a decade.

If you plan to make this your permanent window treatment, always opt for higher quality materials. While your choice may deplete your budget, your window treatments will look better for a longer period. On the bright side, some window treatments like shutters actually add value to your home, so they may be an investment that pays off later.

Ok, so where do you plan on installing your new window treatments? Do you need every window in the house redone or just one room? Is that one room your kitchen or maybe your bathroom? If you choose one room now, you may be able to save up money for nicer treatments down the line. You can always choose a more affordable option until you save up some money for better window treatments.

Location Can Impact Your Budget

Location is a big factor when it comes to budgeting for many reasons. If you want to renovate windows in hard to reach places, you can expect higher costs for installation. Even if you decide to do the installation yourself, you will probably end up having to spend money on tools to complete the project. Where you live will also determine the cost of your window treatments.

Who Will Install Your New Windows?

Another thing to consider is how you plan on installing your new window treatment. You want to make the most of your budget, so check out a few different options before settling on one. You may even have a handy friend who can do the installation for you. But since this is such a hefty investment, you should always leave window installation to the professionals like Shading Systems.

Start Budgeting For Your Window Treatments Today 

Picking a window treatment can end up costing you a fortune. But with some careful planning, you can cut costs without sacrificing style. Do your research, and make a comprehensive task list. Don’t rush into anything because you think you find a good deal, or you just want to be done with this project already. Your window treatment can speak volumes for your house, so make sure you get one that is right for you. If you need help creating a budget for a new window installation, give our team a call at (908) 686-4466 today.

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