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Finding Window Treatments To Match Your Carpeting

Posted: Tuesday, September 24th, 2019 | Filed under: Interior Decorating, interior design, window treatments
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Matching Shades and CarpetsMatching your window treatments to your carpeting has been a long-time home design tradition. For the past two decades or so, this ‘rule’ had fallen out of favor, with many homeowner opting to instead contrast their flooring or window treatments to make the room pop. Now, however, more and more home designers are calling back to this rule, as it brings a stylistic uniformity to the room and brings everything together! Here are a few tips and tricks to matching your window treatments to your carpeting, without it coming off too over-the-top.

Contrast Both Your Carpeting & Window Treatments To Your Trimming

If your house has trimming or molding, whether it’s on all the walls or just around your doorframe and windows, try to contrast both your carpeting and window treatments with it. For example, if your molding is white, choose a neutral or darker color for your blinds and flooring so that they don’t blend in with the trimming. This way, your carpets, blinds, and moldings will all stand out!

Choose Neutral Colors

To avoid your window treatments blending in with the carpeting but still matching it, choose blinds in complementary colors to the floor. The best complementary colors are neutrals – whites, tans, and beiges. If your carpet is a primary color, try pastel window treatments, as they’re basically muted versions of red, blue, and yellow, and can act as neutral complementary colors.

Wood Is Always An Option

No, we aren’t suggesting you abandon your beautiful carpet for some hardwood floors (but that’s always an option.) If your carpeting has a warm neutral color, you can match your windows to it by using a wood treatment. Wooden blinds add texture, warmth, and style to the overall look of your home. It’s also a unique blind finish in today’s world. People stick to whites because they are safe, but wood treatments make the room pop.  Make sure that you choose a warm shade of wood to complement your carpeting.

Use the Same Color Family

When matching your blinds to your carpets, never exactly match the colors. This will make your interior look tacky, instead of elegant and thoughtful. Instead, choose a color for your window treatments that’s in the same color family as your carpeting. If your carpet is burgundy, then choose maroon or crimson for the curtains. If you stay within the same color family, you can never go wrong!

Upgrade Your Home’s Interior Design Today

Interior designing requires plenty of thought and effort. You need to make sure you pick the designs, colors, and styles that best suit your house when it comes to your window treatments.  Shading Systems takes some of the pressure off your shoulders and helps you customize the best blinds and shades for your home. We offer a variety of different shading options, and can also install them into your house. If you’re interested in more home design tips and tricks, subscribe to our blog, and contact a window treatment expert at Shading Systems today at 908-686-4466 for all of your window treatment needs!

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