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How Plantation Shutters Can Enhance Your Room

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Plantation ShadesWant to give your room some tropical charm? Consider plantation shutters! They are the perfect window treatment for letting some beautiful sunlight spread throughout your home. This style of shutters originated in ancient Greece and later spread to the Spanish-speaking world. It eventually found its way to the cotton plantations of the pre-Bellum United States, where the style was first referred to as “plantation shutters.” Want to discover more about this beautiful and graceful window treatment? Read on!

What are Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shades have a large permanent frame around the window and tilt-rod-controlled wide louvers. Instead of the traditional slats featured on other shades, plantation shutters have large louvers fixed to the frame. The louvers are typically larger than 2.5 inches, making them a grand gesture in any room.

Enhancing Your Room With Plantation Shutters

With large louvers that let in generous amounts of sunlight and air, plantation shutters provide any home with a classic tropical cabana vibe. The high-quality material they’re made from also elevates their aesthetic. They’re generally made from synthetic wooden materials, and some custom plantation shutters use traditional furniture-grade hardwood. Because of their durable wooden materials, plantation shutters won’t warp or split even with consistent long-standing use. They can withstand harsh weather conditions – from hurricanes to blizzards, and everything in between. They are perfect for homeowners seeking low-maintenance vacation vibes in their homes.

Since few homeowners have plantation shades installed, they offer a unique yet modern look. Your home will stand out after you install these elegant window treatments! The biggest benefit of installing plantation shades is how much privacy they provide. The louvers completely shut when you adjust them to close, unlike other shutters, giving you total privacy and protection from the sun when you want it.

Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters not only elevate the room, but they’re also easy to maintain. Plantation shutters need minimal maintenance and cleaning because of their large louvers. All you have to do is dust the shutters with a soft cloth, and spot cleans them when necessary. Plantation shades are durable, and since they are easy to open and close, they will last many years. Some plantation homes still have their original plantation shades.

Plantation Shutter Installation In NYC

Plantation shutters are elegant long-term window installations that greatly improve the aesthetics of your home. They make a dramatic statement without looking overdone. They have been around for centuries because of their great look and durability. They’re made of high-quality materials made to last, but they can be tricky to customize and install. That’s where Shading Systems comes in to help. We have knowledge and expertise in a wide array of products, customization, and installation in the window treatments industry. For residents living in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area, contact a light control expert at Shading Systems today to custom fit new plantation shutters in your home. Call us today at 908-686-4466!

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