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Cozy Window Treatments For Your Guest Room

Posted: Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 | Filed under: Guest Room, Window Treatment Styles
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Guest Room Window TreatmentsWith the holidays approaching, it’s time to get the guest room ready! As a host, you want your guests to feel comfortable in every and any aspect of their stay. Window treatments may seem trivial to guest experiences, but it’s actually more important than you may think. The guest room is where your company wants to feel the most comfortable because that’s where they will spend their time and pamper themselves amid all the holiday hectic-ness. Window treatments are an important role in making your visitors feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

Guest Room Window Treatments: How Big Of A Deal Is It?

Window treatments are often overlooked. However, having the right window treatments for your guest room is a small detail that will have a huge impact. For example, if your guests were to stay in a room with sheer shades, they would feel uncomfortable changing throughout the day because of the possibility of being seen by someone, outside through the untreated window. In another instance, if your guests were trying to take a nap in the middle of the day, they would have a hard time doing so if their closed blinds still emitted light. These are some tough situations that may play out if you don’t invest in the correct window treatments for your guest room.

Window Treatments That Will Impress Your Guests

Some may view window treatments as a decorative enhancement that ties the whole room together or as a practical necessity. When it comes to the right window treatment – especially for guests, privacy and good lighting along with aesthetics is always the goal. Ideally, you want a window that does it all. This is possible with the correct window treatment that serves full privacy, emanates your preference of lighting throughout the day, and completely omits the outside whenever you’d like.

Cozy Window Treatments Equals A Cozy Guest Room

Since guest rooms are typically used for your occasional visitors, you may have the urge to decorate the guest room windows once instead of habitually re-decorating. There are many ways to achieve this cozy look without breaking the budget. You may want to invest in quality treatments that will last and make a good impression. Providing light control can be done through traditional shades and blinds, whereas providing privacy can be done through classic drapes and curtains. Mixing the two pieces together and picking the right designs can really beautify the whole room!

You can always opt for more contemporary window treatments, which may be a bit pricier, but will be worth the hefty investment. Some options you may consider are blackout blinds, which ensure complete darkness even when the sun is out, so your guests can sleep in. Another possibility involves transitional shades that provide privacy and light filtering all in one piece with their dual-layered alternating (and adjustable) fabrics.

There is definitely a wide range of options to meet the cozy goal and just in time for the holiday season. Before all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, don’t forget to get the guest room ready with cozy window treatments!

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