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What Are Transitional Shades?

Posted: Tuesday, November 19th, 2019 | Filed under: modern window treatments, motorized window treatments, Roller Shades, transitional shades
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Transitional shadesThe keyword is right in the name, transition. Transitional shades perform a subtle transition between outside luminance and indoor dimness of your home. This window treatment is done with dual fabric alternating layers. The function of this type of window treatment provides both your typical window shade and a sheer shade to softly illuminate the room. Transitional shades emit subdued natural lighting while providing you privacy.

How Transitional Shades Work

These contemporary shades feature a combination of both a roller shade and a horizontal blind. Just like a roller shade, transitional shades can be rolled up or down to open or close. There’s a clear difference between roller shades and transitional shades: transitional shades offer light filtering and dark patterns whereas roller shades do not.

Simultaneously, transitional shades also portray features of a horizontal blind. This is done through the light filtering and dark patterns. Just like horizontal blinds, transitional shades are adjustable to let in the desired amount of lighting.

Why Transitional Shades Are A Must-Have

The main reason transitional shades are unique is because of its versatility with privacy and light control. Transitional shades feature alternating sheer fabric and dark fabric bands. The differing fabric bands allow the shades to fully closed, partially closed, or completely open to your liking. Transitional shades allow you to emit as much or as little light through your room, putting you in control.

Some “bonuses” of owning transitional shades are that they provide advanced options, which give your window treatment even more of a modernized feel. When it comes to the peak hours of the day and the sun is gleaming into the room, transitional shades do a great job blocking UV rays which helps protect your home furnishings. Moreover, when it comes to those more difficult spots where your windows are too high up to reach, you can opt for motorized transitional shades. The motorized version of these shades will allow you to control all shades with a push of a button. All aspects of transitional shades relieve you with its convenience, comfort, and control.

Potential Obstacles With Transitional Shades

With all the ease and greatness of owning a transitional shade, there must be a catch. Generally, shades are more expensive than blinds. Since transitional shades are a new contemporary luxury in today’s market, it will inevitably have higher costs.

The Million-Dollar Question: Style or Seclusion?

Why not both? Transitional shades give you beauty and privacy. Transitional shades filter the amount of light that comes in while still keeping things private. While providing the privacy you want, transitional shades accommodate the designs you have in mind as well. With a plethora of options, you can choose between a multitude of designs. When it comes to the height and width of the fabrics, the patterns of the bands, or the shape of the vanes, you have full control.

A private humble abode with a simple modernized look is never a wrong choice when it comes to interior design and window treatments. If you ever have to choose between aesthetics and your privacy, transitional shades will always give you both!

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