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What Are the Benefits of Patio Awnings?

Posted: Wednesday, March 18th, 2015 | Filed under: exterior shades, Home Design, Landscape Design
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013One of the greatest things you can do in the design of your outdoor patio or backyard terrace is adding a high-quality patio awning.

Not only does a sizeable patio awning add color, pattern and character to your patio space, it provides a number of additional benefits, including some wonderful (and some surprising) advantages of having a patio awning in your outdoor living space:
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Elements of Landscape Design

Posted: Friday, October 11th, 2013 | Filed under: Home Improvement, Landscape Design, Remodeling, Uncategorized
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landscape design

landscape design

Landscape design can be thought of as an art form where the outdoor area is the painter’s canvas which needs to be filled with aesthetic value. One of the distinctions of this type of art is that it is in a constant state of change. The professional who does backyard landscaping in Monmouth County has to consider the area from several perspectives. It should be visually pleasing of course, but it must also have an element of function and be ecologically responsible in design. The goal is to incorporate all of the basic elements so that they collectively create a unified landscape design. There are four basic elements that must be brought together to form a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing and matches the exterior design of the home. Read more »