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Window Treatments Trends: Farmhouse Style

Posted: Thursday, June 1st, 2017 | Filed under: Farmhouse Style, Rustic Home Window Treatments, Textiles and Fabrics
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Farmhouse StyleFarmhouse Style is popular in home design for a style that is laid-back, cozy and country, bringing a sense of homestead or rustic barn feel into your home. Incorporating antique finials, raw or reclaimed wood, and a variety of prints, homeowners can create a space and decorate each room with sentimental, vintage accessories and sturdy furniture, creating a homey feel. Our shading experts lend advice for designing your window treatments with farmhouse style. Read more »

Window Treatments for a Rustic Home

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Rustic Home
The inspiration for a rustic home can come from many sources.  Some homeowners have always dreamed of living in a log cabin with its abundance of natural wood.  Others think of homes in the West or a mountain lodge retreat.  What unites homes designed in a rustic style is their celebration of natural materials that are left close to their natural state.  There is a greater appreciation for natural variation – and even weathering – than is seen in most home styles.
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