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The Benefits of Sheer Shading

Posted: Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 | Filed under: Sheer Window Shades, Window Treatment Styles, window treatments
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Sheer ShadesWhen choosing the right window treatments for your home’s needs, it can be difficult to choose between all of the different styles. What if the weather or your needs drastically alter in the future? Enter sheer shading: the easy to use, weather-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing window treatment that is guaranteed to fit any window. You’ve probably seen sheer shades plenty of times before and haven’t even noticed them.  Now is the perfect time to make the change and install sheer shades in your home.

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Choosing Sheer Window Shades for the Home

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Sheer shades for the window

Sheer Window Shades

Shades can be thought of as a way to keep the world out of our homes.  But some of us like to enjoy letting the world into our home.  Sheer shades are one of the many ways that you can achieve this.  New types of sheer shading and new materials offer an even wider array of choices in determining exactly how much of the outside world you want to bring into your home.  Expanded choices in sheer window shades also open up a whole new world of design options.

Sheer shades are different than regular shades in that they (typically) will combine some of the qualities of blinds with that of solar shades.  Sheer shades can allow you to “open” or “close” the shades, varying the amount of daylight that comes into your rooms.  One helpful tip when deciding on what type of sheer shading will work best with your room, the slats that you can maneuver open or shut in a sheer shade come in varying widths.  Keep in mind that smaller widths mean that when the shade is “open” your views will be impeded by more lines from the turned slats.  Wider slats allow for a less interrupted view.  Read more »