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Debunking Common Shutter Myths

Posted: Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019 | Filed under: room darkening window treatments, window shutters, Wood Shutters
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Common Shutter MythsIf you’re looking to add a classic rustic accent to your living space, shutters are time tested and gorgeous solution that may help refine and improve the flow of your home. There are a lot of myths surrounding the installation of shutters. Pervasive though many of them are, Shading Systems has found that they are largely unfounded. Shutters are a perfect and often overlooked shading solution for most homes. This article addresses and debunks the myths surrounding home shutter installation. Be sure to follow Shading Systems blog for more tips and tricks.
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What Are The Best Window Treatments for Nautical Style?

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Nautical ShadesDo you want a window treatment style that can truly bring life to your beach or lake house? If so, then look no further than the popular nautical style window treatment.  Nautical style can emphasize bold stripes, anchors, weathered wood, and a classic red, white, and blue color palette. Nautical design style remains timeless as it provides a relaxed atmosphere associated with the sight, smell, and sounds of the ocean. Our expert designs at Shading Systems will show you how to bring a nautical feel into your home.  Options for you are endless, allowing homeowners to personalize their stripes, natural woods, and nautical accents. Read more »

Window Treatment Secrets That Sell Your Home

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shading-124-photoSelling your home can be a long and enduring process depending on the real estate market. From fixing tiles to applying a fresh coat of paint, preparing a house for the market is a tremendous effort. The condition of your home’s windows, window treatments, and fixtures can greatly impact whether your home sells quickly or not. Every home has its own style, however when reselling your home, it can be a challenge to present your home reflecting a neutral style; with minimal furniture and décor to complement each room. Our experts have gathered top selling criteria regarding maximizing your home’s windows to delight and sway potential buyers walking through your home at your next open house. Read more »

Modern Window Treatment Ideas

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Modern Window Treatments

Modern Window Treatments

Modern home design, including window treatments is a great way to incorporate design and aesthetic features into your windows. Window treatments provide privacy, help block outside light from entering and also add a decorative detail to your interior. Depending on how much light you want entering your room, there are many different window treatment options available to suite your needs.

Modern window treatments are often associated with clean, simple lines and many times are eco-friendly. Roller shades are a great example of clean, simple window treatments. With the minimal look, this type of window treatment provides an aesthetically appealing solution. Because roller shades can be customized in a wide variety of fabric options, many interior designers and homeowners are choosing roller shades. Roller shades have quickly become the preferred window covering of modern interiors, and now that manufacturers have started offering “green” fabric options, there are even more options available.

Since many modern interiors are associated with clean, simple and straight lines, another window treatment option available would be folding shades. Folding shades can be designed to complement any interior. There are simple, motorized shade systems and manual systems. Folding shades can be in the form of accordion-style pleated shades (also referred to as honeycomb shades) or they can be Roman shades. Roman shades are designed to block out the sun, but when opened they stack up evenly. Most people are familiar with honeycomb shades or cellular shades are elegant and very energy efficient. These window treatments are very durable and when opened, they also stack in an accordion-like fashion.

One last type of window treatment used in many modern interiors is drapery systems. Draperies operate in a vertical direction, still offering solar control, but in a different way than most horizontal window treatments. Drapery systems can be simple and clean, like most modern interiors, but they can offer the final style touch that any room needs. There are many different styles of draperies that can be customized for different designs.