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Window Treatments and New Construction

Posted: Tuesday, September 13th, 2011 | Filed under: Green shading, interior design, window shading, window treatments
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Considering window treatments during the construction process of your home can be very beneficial. Planning and budgeting for window treatments before the building phase is becoming an important part of residential construction. With the variety of window treatment options, from roller shades to folding shades to solar shades and more, homeowners can choose their preference ahead of time.

Motorized shades have become a popular choice for homeowners, integrating lighting, audio visual, home automations and even home theater systems. Controlling your window shades with the touch of a button is a desirable feature for your motorized shades. Installing motorized window shades during construction can help cut costs in comparison to adding the option after construction. Residents on Park Avenue, Madison Avenue and throughout New York City have experienced such options during their construction phases. Being able to provide the electrician with wiring plans will ensure your desired outcome.

Planning out the interior of your home with architects and home designers can result in the best outcome. Window treatments can be chosen based on the type of windows you’re covering, the furniture in the room or many other reasons. Working with your construction crew to accommodate for specific window coverings can also help. Larger windows may require extra framing to accommodate the extra weight of the large window shade chosen for it. The wood block should be a certain thickness based on the window treatments you choose.

Window treatments and window shades require some thinking and planning. If you’re working on new construction, it’s very helpful to plan your window treatments as well as the rest of the building work. The time and construction to accommodate certain window coverings can be incredibly valuable for your home and your wallet!