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Different Window Treatments for Your Home

Posted: Saturday, September 17th, 2011 | Filed under: interior design, Shading systems, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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You cannot only enhance the look of your home with window treatments, but with the many options available you can add privacy, block/retain the heat and increase the value of your home. With endless options of different types of window coverings and window shades, you can add some personal taste with a touch of style to your home. Some of the popular choices in window treatments today are below:

Window blinds: If considering window blinds for your home, there is a huge variety available. Being one of the most popular options as well as most inexpensive, window blinds can enhance your space. Horizontal blinds are most commonly used for standard sized windows, while vinyl blinds, paper blinds and slat blinds can be customized.

Draperies: For window treatments in New York City and surrounding areas, draperies may be the preferred solar control option. Drapery systems that include both horizontal and vertical are most effective. Maximize the effectiveness of sunlight control and heat with draperies while adding a bit of style to your room.

Shades: Window shades are another option for window treatments in your home. Coming in many different options: folding shades, roller shades, Roman shades and more, you can customize your window coverings to your liking. Folding shades, motorized or not, can meet your shading control needs. Choose to create a bottom-up option or traditional. Roman shades are a type of folding shades that stack up in evenly size panels when the shade is lifted, another option depending on your taste. Roller shades provide many options as well, from fabrics to systems to styles. While providing a minimal look, roller shades control sun, heat and glare while minimizing the bulk.

There are also other options to choose from when deciding on window treatments. Keep in mind the rest of the space and keep the overall look consistent. From window coverings to draperies to window shades, explore your options and choose what works best for you and your home.