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Window Treatment Secrets That Sell Your Home

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shading-124-photoSelling your home can be a long and enduring process depending on the real estate market. From fixing tiles to applying a fresh coat of paint, preparing a house for the market is a tremendous effort. The condition of your home’s windows, window treatments, and fixtures can greatly impact whether your home sells quickly or not. Every home has its own style, however when reselling your home, it can be a challenge to present your home reflecting a neutral style; with minimal furniture and décor to complement each room. Our experts have gathered top selling criteria regarding maximizing your home’s windows to delight and sway potential buyers walking through your home at your next open house. Read more »

Skylight Design Tips

Posted: Monday, August 5th, 2013 | Filed under: Shading systems, Skylight Shades, Skylights
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Bringing the Great Outdoors, Indoors

Bringing the Great Outdoors, Indoors

Natural light is the most flattering, and bringing elements of nature into the home is a timeless design option for any homeowner starting work on home improvement construction.  Whether you are looking to upgrade or completely change a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway, skylights are one of the best ways to bring the great outdoors indoors.  They allow you to gaze at the sky through every season of the year, and every hour of the day, a never ending overhead portrait of blues, whites, grays, purples, and even oranges and reds. Read more »

Bedroom Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, September 1st, 2011 | Filed under: modern window treatments, privacy window treatments, window blinds, window shading
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Choosing your bedroom window treatments may be just as difficult as choosing window treatments for the living room. The bedroom is a relaxing environment and where you want to get a good night’s sleep. Window treatments can be based on design (appearance, style) and function (darkening, motorized).

The right window treatment can turn any bedroom into a modern bedroom.  There are a few things to consider when shopping for bedroom window treatments, so keep these things in mind:

When consider window treatments for function, it’s important to think about the thickness of the fabric. If your bedroom window gets a lot of morning light, it might be wise to consider a thicker, heavier fabric to block the light. Blackout shades are also an option, which help reduce the amount of light entering the room as well as helping control the level of noise. Blackout shades are commonly found in bedrooms that are located near a busy street or receive a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day.

Since bedrooms represent style as well, bedroom window treatments are often chosen by the color palette and theme of the already existing bedroom. Choosing between simple and more dramatic window treatments can help enhance the look of the bedroom overall. Depending on your particular taste, choosing softer colors for the fabric may help keep the bedroom simple. Dark red, chocolate or blue give the room a pop, without overtaking it. Neutral colors like white or cream may keep the room less busy and more elegant. There are also different pattern options to choose from to help enhance the look and feel of your bedroom. If the bedroom is simple and you’re looking for something exciting, choose a stripes or even floral pattern to help bring out the personality.

You can choose your bedroom treatments based on whether you want to block out the sun, add a little color to your neutral room or if you’re looking to bring out your personality. Always think function and design when choosing window treatments (bedroom or other). There are always endless options when decorating or designing the interior of your home.

Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Posted: Sunday, August 14th, 2011 | Filed under: Folding Shades, Green shading, modern window treatments, natural light
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Bay window treatments will give your living room, bedroom or kitchen exactly what it needs to complete the décor. A bay window projects outward from the rest of the house, adding either a small seating area or some type of shelf. Most bay windows are used to increase the amount of natural sunlight entering the house, but at times you will need something to cover them. There are a few different ways to accent your bay windows with window treatments.

First, you can use drapery panels, but add them to the return walls of the bay window. Instead of covering the window, you frame it. Don’t obstruct the view from the bay, but try and accent it. This is a great option for your bay window treatments if you have a scenic or impressive view that you don’t want to hide. Aside from the elegant look, floor-length draperies tend to look best, creating the illusion of higher ceilings.

You can also choose to add bay window treatments, but in a more functional yet elegant design. Roman shades frame the window, but still add a colorful accent to the room. Roman shades can be simple, yet practical to accent your room (through your bay windows) but still providing privacy when needed or wanted. The fabric is pleated on Roman shades when the string is pulled and folds up in clean, regular intervals.

Wooden shutters can also be an option for bay window treatments. Shutter are flexible, in terms of opening and closing whenever you need, and offer a rustic, country look to the room. Paired with drapery or other fabric window shades, you can get the best of both worlds. If you add wooden shutters to long drapes, you can make your bay window seem larger overall. Bya windows can be found in residents throughout New York City and other surrounding areas.

If your bay window area already has a thick molding, consider keeping your bay window treatments simple and elegant. You don’t want to clutter the look and feel of the room, but instead – make it as appealing as possible.

Going Green With Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, August 4th, 2011 | Filed under: exterior shades, Green shading, Greener living, Home cooling, modern window treatments
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Green window treatments are a great idea and a smart idea for your home and the environment. Installing interior and exterior window treatments or window shades can be effective for more than just your home, but for the environment too. There are many different window treatment options for going green. How you choose to cover your windows can really make a difference in your energy efficiency and even your energy bills. Green window treatments and window shades help keep your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and reduce your energy costs overall.

Here are a few things to consider when going green with your window treatments:

Choose light colored blinds, shades, curtains and drapes. Dark colors attract heat and sunlight while lighter colors reflect sunlight and heat away. Lighter colored shades will keep the heat out of your living space, while darker colors will absorb it and release it into your home.

Controlling sunlight before it enters your home is another great way to reduce excessive heat or sun exposure. Large windows that face towards the sky can be covered with exterior window shades to prevent and reduce solar exposure and heat before if hits the glass. Exterior window shades are a great way to keep out the heat.

Retractable awnings are also a great way to shade your windows. Aside from keeping the sunlight and heat out of your home, retractable awnings cut glare and UV rays before they reach the interior. Shading the exterior windows and doors in your home can reduce interior heat by 77% and can reduce air conditioning use and energy bills by almost 25%!

When you’re thinking about installing window treatments or window shades and you’re in the New York City area, think about going green with ideas from Shading Systems! Environmentally friendly window treatments are beneficial to your home and the environment! Remember: light colors to reflect sunlight, exterior window shades to prevent the sunlight and heat from hitting the glass and retractable awnings are all great eco-friendly window treatment ideas.