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About Wood Blinds

Posted: Friday, February 25th, 2011 | Filed under: Folding Shades, modern window treatments, privacy window treatments, window blinds
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Knowing what wood blinds are used for and how they’re made will help you understand what you need to know before you start shopping for wood blinds. Wood Blinds are made of horizontal slats that are attached to each other with cords and with fabric. Just as regular window blinds you can raise or lower the blinds in whole, or you can open and close the slats only. A popular style of wood blinds that are adorning many homes are the Venetian style blinds, these are horizontal and provide quality insulation for the expected elements that weather brings.

When considering to purchase wood blinds it is important you know what you are looking for, to know what goals you want to achieve with covering your windows, and to understand that wood blinds must be maintained to last. Don’t purchase dark woods blinds for a room that you want to keep cool. Dark wood blinds attract heat and do not aide in keeping the heat outside of your home. If you are looking to achieve an elegant look, purchase light blinds with drapes to match your homes’ décor.

Besides beauty and comfort, you must maintain wood blinds, knowing how to keep your wood blinds well maintained is a very important factor in keeping wood blinds. Keep your blinds free of dust by dusting weekly. Using a pair of cotton gloves is ideal when cleaning your blinds. It’s best to not use water when cleaning your wood blinds, not using water will help you to avoid warping the wood. When blinds appear too dry using oil soap to lightly moisturize them is ideal, you must wipe them dry after applying. Understand your needs, plan to maintain your wood blinds, and keep your home updated in regards to appearance and wood blinds will surely be a great choice for window treatments for your home.