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Window Treatments and House Staging

Posted: Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 | Filed under: interior design, modern window treatments, window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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When trying to sell a house, natural light entering throughout the home is important for buyers. Those shopping for a new home are taking notice of everything, including your window treatments. When staging a home, either in New York City or anywhere else, consider the market price when deciding on window treatments. If your home is priced on the high end, then you should maintain that feel with high-end window treatments. Those shopping for a higher valued home, are also shopping for quality.

There are a few options for your window treatments, depending on the function and décor you’re looking for:

Roman shades can make great window coverings for smaller windows, think about your kitchen or bathroom. Roman shades are a little different than other window shades. When the shades are raised, the fabric stacks up in evenly sized panels, but when the shade is lowered (usually by a string), it creates a relatively flat, smooth look. The benefit of having roman shades on windows during your home staging is that you can keep them open during the day and if necessary, closed for privacy at night.

Also consider drapery systems for your home staging, but keep it simple. Since draperies are great for controlling the amount of sunlight entering the room, they’re a great way to let the sun in when showing a home. When home staging, it’s important for the home to received as much natural sunlight as possible. There are a number of different fabrics and colors to choose from so based on your décor, you can customize the look for your own personal home staging.

You can also choose to add wooden blinds to your windows, but they may not allow as much natural light to enter and can usually be a bold statement. Remember to keep your décor simple. Always make sure the fabric colors of your window treatments match the style and décor of the room you are staging. If you keep your room neutral, it won’t be difficult to match your window treatments with the décor.