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Change the DECOR of any room with new window treatments

Posted: Friday, September 3rd, 2010 | Filed under: interior design, natural light
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You can easily change the atmosphere of any room in your home just by adding new window treatments. There are many options available in regards to adding new window treatments in your home. Many styles and many different functions are available no matter what your preferred style is.

Two Great Window Treatment Examples:

Roller shades is a very popular option in many homes. Roller shades are quite functional and add a clean modern look to the room you are updating. Many people add roller shades because of the functionality and because roller shades aren’t bulky. There is a vast choice when it comes to fabric options with roller shades. When installing roller shades a nice addition is to add a window valance as well. Adding a decorative valance not only adds to the décor of your home but a valance will hide the roller shade’s mechanics that lifts the shade as well.

Home decor

Home decor

Folding shades is another modern option in window treatments that is very similar yet differs from roller shades. Folding shades can be similar to roller shades because there are many fabric options and because folding shades add a crisp clean look. The interesting thing about folding shades that sets them apart from other window treatments is that they can come in custom shapes adding flair to any shaped window.

Window treatments can easily be a focal point for your home and be the center of attention when one enters your beautiful home. Adding the right colors and the right fabrics to your windows can add flair to any room. There are many more options in functionality and appearance when it comes to changing the décor, just adding the right window treatments to your home can create a look like no other.