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Sunrooms and Greenhouses Sustainable and Fashionable

Posted: Friday, June 13th, 2014 | Filed under: Greener living, Greenhouse shades, sunroom shades
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IMG_1661When real estate housing and apartment décor trends are discussed there are very few features that everyone can usually agree on as being highly covetable (especially if you live in New York City).  However, there is one perk that is considered a coveted luxury no matter where you live:  a greenhouse space or sunroom.  On top of being a stunning décor choice, greenhouse rooms or sunrooms have the added bonus of potentially helping you save energy (with the proper window shading options) during both warm and cool months. Read more »

Your Room Before Window Treatments And After Window Treatments

Posted: Wednesday, November 10th, 2010 | Filed under: window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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Moving into a new home is like working with a clean canvas for an artist. A more experiences artist will make the empty canvas a beautiful painting all too soon. The artist may get started right away and have a master piece. An artist may take the time to sort out how they should begin; we’re then presented with a master piece. Unlike the artist and his canvas; our home can have lack of character or have character that speaks boring and ancient to many visitors just by not having the right window treatments or by not having any window treatments at all.

Looking back at pictures of my home just as I was still getting settled; I don’t see a home at all. I see a blank canvas begging to be painted upon. Begging for textures, colors, and patterns; this was a simple fix for our home. After I settled in, I see the textures, colors, and patterns very well now. Looking at my clean slate before and my masterpiece now in regards to home decor; I see the only difference was the beautiful window treatments I added and a few plants that were missing. Window treatments can change the statement of the whole room.

Adding window treatments that speak to your style is all it takes sometimes. You can have an otherwise bland look in your family room and then add bright window treatments; your family room now pops with color and speaks of energy. Your kitchen may look like a room with little visitors because there is no comfort flow to it at all. Add some window treatments and give it down home countries feel instead of a feel of just a plain room that gets cooked in. Is your bedroom window treatments outdated? Add some long drapes that flow to the ground to create a statement of elegance and romance. The options are endless.