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3 Child-Safe Window Treatments

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Child By WindowWhen it comes to the safety of your child, there is no more important matter. As your child grows, so does their curiosity of the world around them. Even the basic household items can be potentially hazardous for your child. As a result, the design industry created warning tags, labels and other methods of communication to warn parents of the potential hazards of window treatments.

While the safety of your child should always be your top concern, homeowners still have many options for a well-designed window. Here are some of the best window coverings that will not only keep your house stylish, but will also keep your child safe.
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The Latest and Greatest in Smart Home Technology

Posted: Wednesday, June 25th, 2014 | Filed under: motorized window treatments, retractable awnings, Smart Homes
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P1010625The “Smart Home” has been a marketing catch phrase for a while, but this month Apple kicked it into high gear by focusing on family and the “smart home” in its WWDC presentation to the tech world.  Of course, there are many people who already live in smart homes.  Technologically savvy homeowners and apartment dwellers have long known that conveniences such as remote operated security systems, remote shading systems, and other home electronic devices can make life both easier and more economical.  A smart home can provide better analysis of power usage, and let homeowners determine where and when to cut back for better energy conservation and cost savings.  It has real world implications as well.  For example, people with older parents may soon find that a smart home can deliver more safety on everything from generating alerts if someone falls, to ensuring water is shut off, and ovens and stoves are not left on. Read more »

The Benefits of Motorized Skylight Shades

Posted: Saturday, March 1st, 2014 | Filed under: motorized window treatments, Skylight Shades, window shading
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motorized sky light window treatments

Motorized window treatments

So you’ve just bought a new house that has beautiful skylights that fill your favorite rooms with natural light.  Or, you’ve just finished a breathtaking addition to your home that infused your love of design with your love of nature, and now you are the proud owner of a beautiful room capped by skylights that bring the outdoors into your perfect indoor space.  The question before you now is, how to control that light and heat that comes into your new room so that you can create the ambiance that you want for day and night, all four seasons of the year.  For that, you may find that after researching the best shades for your skylight, motorized skylight shades are the answer.   Read more »

Motorized Shades for Business Offices

Posted: Friday, August 17th, 2012 | Filed under: Green shading, interior design, motorized window treatments, natural light, Roller Shades
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Motorized shades

Motorized shades

Motorized shades are great for any office space. They are even great additions for public areas in office buildings, such as the conference room, the cafeteria or the boardroom. Motorized roller shades make a great window treatment option for many solar control applications. Since roller shades are very “clean cut,” they go well aesthetically with most office spaces.

The idea of using motorized roller shades comes in handy for any areas that aren’t easily reachable, which is why we mentioned the large, public spaces above. Having motorized shades, where they are operational through a remote, can be problem solving for everyone.

If you’re looking for roller shades for reasons other than solar control, there are many fabric choices and options available. Many use roller shades for solar protection, privacy reasons/blackout options or as screens in their conference rooms. With the manufacturer options and the wide variety of choices, it’s easy to customize your order and maximize the flexibility of your roller shades.

Control your roller shades with the touch of a button or enjoy a classic, stainless steel pull chain for manual operation. All shades, no matter the fabric can be customized for aesthetic and function preferences.

There are many other window treatment options that can be customized with a motorized operational system too. If you’re looking for honeycomb shades, draperies or another type of window treatment, chances are that they are available in a motorized option. With the variety of fabric choices available, there’s no doubt you can customize your window treatments to match you work atmosphere. Many window shade manufacturers now offer “green” fabrics as well, so if you’re energy efficient or look to save on energy costs, eco-friendly fabrics are always an option!

Featured Project: HL23, the New Face of the High Line

Posted: Thursday, June 28th, 2012 | Filed under: blackout shades, motorized window treatments, Roller Shades
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The High Line 23 is the newest addition to the buildings of Chelsea, overlooking High Line Park and West Manhattan. However the HL23 is anything but just a building. The 14-floor complex, created by Neil Denari and his team of architects, which boasts 9 full-floor residences, a duplex penthouse, and a two-floor maisonette, has become a sort of avant-garde landmark on the High Line. Created with minimal space, the HL23 virtually expands in width as it increases in height through the use of sharp geometric shapes. A curving stainless steel exterior covers the east façade, giving a three-dimensional appearance that changes and plays with the sunlight.

The dramatic effect is increased with unusual trapezoid-shaped windows with a bottom up slope. The north and south sides use large spandrel-free windows to evoke freedom and spaciousness in every apartment and the eleven by six feet panels offer a panoramic view of the city. Shading Systems provided the HL23 Condominiums with its single-panel, custom motorized roller flat shades from Mechoshade. Like the windows, the shades slope in bottoms up or top down configurations.

With a bizarre exterior comes a varied interior. Designed by interior architect Thomas Juul-Hansen, the custom designs parallels the exterior’s bold contemporary look while maintaining open space. The lower floors have flat floor-to-ceiling windows while the higher floors have tilted glass walls as the width of the building increases, creating a trapezoidal shape.

HL23 Interior


The HL23 has been receiving much hype since practically the moment of its conception. In 2008, it was recognized for its architectural contribution to the city with a full floor exhibition held at the Museum of the City of New York entitled “New York Fast Forward: Neil Denari Builds on the High Line”. It also received the SARA NY 2010 Visionary Architecture Award and was featured in an architecture and fashion exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. Currently the building is seeking a LEED Gold Certification.

It is clear that this new attraction is only beginning to leave its mark on the High Line. Unlike any other building in proximity, the High Line 23 entertains spectators and passersby with the mechanical steel exterior that manages to evoke a retro post-modern feel as it surrounds the wildflowers and tranquil grounds of the High Line gardens. With its cutting edge geometric elements and creative design, the High Line 23 is giving New Yorkers and the people of Chelsea something new to look at.