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What Window Treatments Work Well In Offices?

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commercial window treatmentsWhether you are a small business owner moving into a new space or redesigning your existing office space, choosing window treatments for an office setting can be daunting. While seemingly minor, working with a design professional can simplify your selection process from both a functional and a decorative perspective. The experts at Shading Systems offer a variety of different options to determine which window treatments work best in your office setting.
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Commercial Window Treatment Ideas

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Business office Shading

Business office Shading

Commercial decorating can be challenging, especially in an office environment, but decorating and adding window treatments can help transform your workspace to portray a certain message (if that’s what you’re trying to do). There are a few different options and ideas to consider for your office space:

Modern/Contemporary Look: It has become more common for offices to go with the modern look. Any contemporary look which makes your space feel more fresh. Modern window treatments can be anything from roller shades to folding shades and beyond. What many commercial properties are doing, especially in New York City is incorporating motorized roller shades into their offices. Since many building in NYC have glass walls, this brings in a lot of light (and heat). Roller shades are a great option for solar control and give the clean, minimal look modern styles are after.  Using a seamless, motorized roller shade against your glass windows gives a contemporary, clean, business-like feel to your office. There are many options, styles and fabrics available if you’re looking to customize as well. More recently, many manufacturers have begun offering “green” fabrics as well.

Depending on your commercial space, you can really choose from any window treatment, but motorized shades have become very popular over the last few years. Motorized shades are very convenient and can allow you to open and close your window treatments at the touch of a button. Luckily, most window treatments, including roller shades, blackout shades and others shades offer that customizable option.

Blackout: Many museums, universities and other large businesses have chosen partial offices and spaces to use blackout shades. Hotels also customize their draperies to include a blackout panel as well. Commercial blackout shades are used throughout business across the country, and are very popular in NYC spaces. Depending on our business “look” and style, choose from a variety of window treatments including draperies, honeycomb shades, folding shades and more.