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What Window Treatments Work Well In Offices?

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commercial window treatmentsWhether you are a small business owner moving into a new space or redesigning your existing office space, choosing window treatments for an office setting can be daunting. While seemingly minor, working with a design professional can simplify your selection process from both a functional and a decorative perspective. The experts at Shading Systems offer a variety of different options to determine which window treatments work best in your office setting.
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How to Make Your Office Green

Posted: Friday, September 9th, 2011 | Filed under: commercial window treatments, Green shading, Greener living, interior design
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Window treatments can enhance your office space as well as provide sun and heat control. Aside from style and function, window treatments can be “green.” There are a few ways to keep your office energy efficient through your window treatments. Many window treatment manufacturers are now offering eco-friendly products, which is a start, but there are other ways in addition to the actual product to help make your office more environment-friendly.

Window treatments are a great way to keep your office space energy efficient. All window treatments provide some sort of insulation, helping to keep out the heat in the summer or maintain it in the winter months. There are specific products that are made for preventing heat loss or gain, such as honeycomb window shades, which have been found to be one of the most energy efficient window treatments on the market right now. Honeycomb shades are a type of folding shade that when installed closely to the glass window with the sides of the shade close to the wall, can reduce heat loss by up to 50%! These are a great way to save energy in your office (and reduce your heating bill).

Many window treatments are made from natural materials (cotton, silk or hemp). Most natural materials are re-used or recycled and much better for the environment. Roman shades are a great example of window coverings that offer shades from raw materials and non-chemical fabrics. You can design your Roman shades from a great selection of fabrics and materials.

Another “green” option to think about when choosing office window treatments is the type of materials your window coverings are made out of. Most window treatments are made from natural materials and don’t affect the air quality if your office space, but there are exceptions. Plastic window shades often contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which releases carcinogenic dioxin into the area, decreasing the air quality. Many times, this can affect respiratory problems and inhibit hormonal systems in the body.

There are always things to consider when choosing the best office window treatments for your business. “Green” options are a great way to help the environment, keep the quality of your air positive and reduce your heating bill! Business across the country and many in NYC have chosen green window treatments for their office. There are many styles to choose from and most manufacturers now offer environment-friendly products.