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Window Treatments for Your Bathroom

Posted: Monday, October 18th, 2010 | Filed under: interior design, privacy window treatments, window treatments
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Bathrooms often have pretty small windows and often have little character in appearance. Many people don’t realize that there are many options for the basic bathroom window. You can turn an otherwise simple window into its own focal point with the correct window treatment. There are so many types of window treatments that can make all the difference in appearance and functionality for your bathroom. Roman shades, woven shades, drapery systems, silk drapes and other shades types; the list goes on and on in regards to your window treatment options.

Privacy window treatments

Privacy window treatments

Before you settle on what may look well in your bathroom keep in mind your needs. Do you need privacy in regards to where your bathroom is located? Does the sun bask on that side of your home as to where your bathroom is located? What size are your windows? What is below the windows in your bathroom? These questions will tell what size window treatments you need and what type of window treatments will best suite your bathroom. With all these questions to keep in mind, remember a bathroom window treatment should let light in but should also provide privacy.

Certain window treatments have added benefits to your bathroom’s needs. Roman shades with a subtle pattern can bring out the bathroom décor and can be very functional because of the ease of opening and closing a roman shade. A tasseled window treatment-can add country appeal and old world style and will let the sun in where the tassels open up. Woven window shades add an earthy feel allowing bathers to control the amount of light and privacy given and they give the bathroom a finished look. How about a romantic setting, long flowing drapery may be for you? As you can see there are many options for you to choose from, knowing the possibilities available will help you select the window treatments that are right for you.