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When Should I Replace My Window Treatments?

Posted: Monday, October 7th, 2019 | Filed under: Replacement Windows, window blinds, window treatments
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Replacing Window ShadesWhen you think of home improvements, blinds usually aren’t at the top of the list. In an ideal world, your window treatments should last for 8 years or more. But when was the last time you closely looked at your blinds? Do you remember the last time you changed your window treatments? If you’ve noticed the following issues with your blinds, it might be time to change them.
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Fixing or Purchasing Blinds: An Economical Decision

Posted: Thursday, January 17th, 2013 | Filed under: window blinds, window treatments
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Vertical Blind Repair

Vertical Blind Repair

Blinds used by children or in a location with pets are commonly damaged. Most times, the issue is cosmetic and easily fixable. When the cost of repairing blinds outweighs the cost of purchasing new ones, it’s time to replace your window treatments.

Here are a few popular issues and do-it-yourself solutions for repairable blinds.

Broken Slat

Do you have gaps between your blinds? Sometimes the slats on window blinds are damaged or missing. Instead of purchasing new blinds, avoid the costly expense by fixing the issue. This repair is easy and budget-friendly. Simply purchase vertical blind clips and use to repair the problem. Vertical blind clips can be used to reattach broken or bent slats by installing the clips into the top of the blinds. Once installed, the slats can be inserted into the blind clip where it will be held in place. Make sure your slats are facing the right direction to avoid mismatched blinds.

Window Blind Cords

After repeated use, the cords used to operate blinds can become frail and split. Without cords, you cannot manipulate blinds to block or receive sun. You might be tempted to replace blinds with a broken cord, but replacing the cords is the most cost-efficient option. While the task might seem tedious at first, it just requires a little patience. First, remove all the vanes from the main head of the rail. This may require an extra set of hands. Once the vanes have been removed, follow the instructions provided by the cord manufacturer. The process is time consuming, but it only involves removing the old cord and replacing it with the new one. Before you know it, your blinds will be restored and fully functional.

Depending on the issue, there are many options for home repair. However, some parts may be more difficult or expensive to replace. If several slats are broken or bent, purchasing new blinds can be a sanity saving investment. Also, if blinds are breaking often, it might be time to look for some that are better suited for the area of use. Small pets, such as cats, and children like to play with cords and slats. In this case, finding a blind or alternative that is more durable can save money and time. There are also measures to prevent damage. Avoid handling blinds without the cord or wand, and take time to learn how to use cords properly. This can prevent breakage and keep blinds beautiful.