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Why Blackout Shades are a New Yorker’s Best Friend

Posted: Thursday, April 24th, 2014 | Filed under: blackout shades, Roller Shades, Shading systems
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Black Out Shades

Black Out Shades via everythingsimple.com

You’ve made it.  Moved to New York City.  Found an apartment that has you the envy of everyone you know.  You work hard.  You play hard.  And you deserve to sleep hard.  But, in the city that never sleeps, grabbing that essential shut-eye, can be a challenge.

The noise is easy to block out.  Either your building has windows that are properly sealed or heavy enough to take the edge off the loudest taxi horns, or you have a great sound system to drown anything with the soothing sounds of whales or ocean tides.  You may also be high enough up in a gorgeous skyscraper, that the noise simply cannot reach you.  If so, fantastic.  But all of these city dwellings have one thing that you cannot escape:  the light. Read more »

1 The Economics of Window Treatments

Posted: Thursday, August 12th, 2010 | Filed under: Greener living, Home cooling, sustainable living
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Window treatments for your home

Window treatments for your home

If you are considering foregoing new window treatments because of the cost, consider this: You can lower your electric costs, take back an overly heated sun room, regain your family’s privacy, and beautify your home simply by adding a window treatment system.
You can substantially lower your energy bills through the proper use of shading systems. If you prevent heat from entering your home through its windows, you will have a decreased need to even turn on the air conditioning unit. This passive cooling technique is recommended by many environmental experts looking to lower carbon emissions produced by cooling systems.
Electricity costs have risen for residential customers for the second month in a row according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. With electricity costs on the rise, people are taking steps to decrease usage. Window shades can effectively and easily lower home energy costs.
Window shades can also provide a privacy screen without interfering with the amount of light that enters your home. Privacy shades can also allow you to see out, but passers-by cannot see in. This is especially beneficial in close neighborhoods or if your home is situated near a sidewalk or another building. Keep your home-life private while still enjoying the summer light in your indoor surroundings.
Shading Systems Inc. provides window treatment systems that are both functional and elegant. Beautifying your home has never been simpler. Imagine a new look both in and out with sleek window shades. You can provide a uniform look to the façade of your home with a shading system, while developing a unique design for each room by choosing from a variety of fabrics and styles of shades.
Window treatments are an effortless home-improvement option that save you money and bring you comfort and piece of mind.

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