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How to Darken a Room

Posted: Monday, October 4th, 2010 | Filed under: blackout shades, interior design, privacy window treatments
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Darkening a room can have many benefits and can be very simple to do. Some agree and some disagree to the need to darken a room. Some need a dark room during the daylight hours. Just think of those that work all night, working the graveyard shift, tossing and turning trying to sleep while the sun peers into the room drawing them to stay awake.

What about those summer nights that cause longer and brighter evenings, for some it’s hard to get their children to go to sleep in a timely matter with sunshine invading the indoors? The children want to play when the sun is out. Naptime for baby can be a difficult task if the room is bright from the sun peering into the windows. What about the sun beaming into your home theatre distracting your view because of the glare on your television? This is no way to entertain! The list goes on and on as to why one may need a dark room.

Privacy shades

Privacy shades

Some may argue there are huge disadvantages to darkening a room. The sun does aid us in cost and energy efficiency come the winter months. The sun entering our homes helps brighten the indoors keeping energy cost down because fewer lights are turned on and our heaters are used less. Agreed, but the simple task to complete at this point is to open your shades or curtains to reap the benefits needed from the sun come the winter months.

Sure most heavy drapes and/or shades will darken a room; however, there is a way to darken a room at its best. The best way to create a darker environment for your nursery, home theatre, or bedroom is simple. Installing blackout shades is by far a great choice to aide you in this goal. Blackout shades blocks at least 99% of visible light from entering the room your shades are installed in. How is that for a peaceful nap or a great time entertaining in your home theatre during the daytime?