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Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

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Motorized window treatments

Motorized window treatments

Smart-home technology has come to the world of window treatments, with programmable timers raising and lowering your blinds and shades at the perfect hours during the day when you’ll want more or less light in each of your rooms. With custom motorized window treatments, you won’t have to spend your valuable time going all through your home to lower blinds against the scorching sun that can raise your home’s temperature, and thus your energy costs when your air conditioner has to work overtime. Instead, your programmable motorized window treatment system does all the blind- and shade-lowering for you, creating a comfy environment and saving you a fortune in energy costs, especially when they work their magic while you’re away on vacation – which also adds safety to your home, making it look to the outside world like someone is in the house and thus deterring robbers from targeting your home. Read more »