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Pet Friendly Window Treatments

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Cat By WindowHave you ever tried to Google the words “pets” and “blinds”? If so, you have probably seen countless images of cats clawing blinds and dogs destroying other window treatments. While some may find this amusing, this can be a real nightmare for homeowners. You may not even consider purchasing shades or blinds if they cannot stand up to your pets. After all, what is the point of having a nice custom window treatment if your furry friend is going to destroy it in a matter of seconds?

You may question whether or not you will ever be able to own nice things. Luckily, pet owners have many options available. Consider these window treatments when attempting to pet-proof your home.
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3 Child-Safe Window Treatments

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Child By WindowWhen it comes to the safety of your child, there is no more important matter. As your child grows, so does their curiosity of the world around them. Even the basic household items can be potentially hazardous for your child. As a result, the design industry created warning tags, labels and other methods of communication to warn parents of the potential hazards of window treatments.

While the safety of your child should always be your top concern, homeowners still have many options for a well-designed window. Here are some of the best window coverings that will not only keep your house stylish, but will also keep your child safe.
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Child Safety: Window Treatments

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Blind Cord Safety

Blind Cords

Window shades or blinds don’t often come to mind right away as a child hazard, but they definitely can be. Cords, especially can dangle low and can be easy to reach for children. Not only can they pull on it hard enough to remove the entire mechanism, but they can tangle themselves very easily. Many cords also have a gripping piece at the end that is small enough where a child can swallow it. There are many ways to keep your child safe and to update your window treatments for your child’s safety. Read more »