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Window Treatments for Winter

Posted: Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 | Filed under: sustainable living, window shading, window treatments
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Window Treatments

Window Treatments

If you live on the East Coast, weather in New York City, New Jersey or elsewhere, chances are you’re no stranger to the frigid winter weather. There are different ways to keep the chill outside through your windows and window treatments.


Insulated windows will help keep the cold air outside, but there are other ways, from the inside, to warm up your home. Window shades are a great energy saver, for both winter and summer months. They help keep the heat inside the house during winter, and block the heat during summer. If you can mount the window shades inside the window frame, this will help close any open space. Empty space allows heat to escape.


Different types of folding shades can also provide insulation during cold winter months. There are many different options of window shades available, but if you’re looking for energy savers, consider folding shades. Insulated Roman shades will help keep the heat inside the house. The strong materials fight the cold, and if it’s a bright sunny day, there’s no reason you can’t fold them up to enjoy the weather. Since folding shades are available in such a variety of fabrics, you can customize your look and feel based on what you’re looking for, both style and purpose.


Drapery systems are also another option for window treatments. Draperies are often the preferred solar control option and can be useful for winter and summer months. If you’re considering window shades for solar control, when choosing draperies, it’s important to make sure the draperies are sealed at the top of the window. Again, with open space the heat can escape. Because draperies offer the ability to adjust based on the sun’s movement or other weather conditions, you have control over solar options.


There are many options for window treatments and window shades, but if you’re thinking about the cold winter weather, consider folding shades (particularly insulated) or draperies. There are both great solutions for solar control and offer a variety of style options.