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When to Replace Blinds; When to Fix Blinds

Posted: Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 | Filed under: window blinds, window shading, window treatments
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Having a family or pets in the home means that there is usually more repairs and replacements when it comes to your window blinds then those that are living in a home by themselves. Wear and tear happens no matter what, it could be as simple as a cat who wanders to the window pane moving your blinds back and forth or your blinds can be damaged from your children tugging the cord to hard or in the wrong direction. You can usually repair blinds on your own and save money doing some. Often times repairing the blinds are the answer to the problem and not a full replacement to your blinds.

A few repairs that come to mind, with window blinds, can be a broken slat, a missing slat, and the cord wearing thin or breaking off. These are usually simple and inexpensive repairs. If a slat breaks off you can purchase vertical blind clips. Blind clips are made of strong metal, and they can reattach either a curved or a straight vane with ease to fix this issue. Another common complaint with window blinds is the cords wearing too thin or breaking off completely. To repair this, removing all of the vanes from the main head rail is a must. Having help to hold the head rail while you unhook it from the mounts is important. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the cord package as well. All you need to do is remove the old cords and fasten the new ones on securely.

Simple DIY repairs for common window blinds issues are the answer to these simple issues but repairs aren’t always the answer. It is time to replace your blinds when the expense to fix your window blinds becomes more then a new set of blinds. This seems to be commons sense, but at times we don’t assess situations and just get involved. Always assess the cost of a repair, before getting involved in working on a costly project, time is money and so is the cost of the blind parts that need to be purchased for a repair. Evaluate this accordingly and then decide if the best answer is to repair or replace your window blinds.