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What is a Blackout Window Treatment?

Posted: Monday, October 11th, 2010 | Filed under: blackout shades, window shading, window treatments
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When hearing the name blackout window treatments some people misunderstand what a true blackout window treatment is. Blackout window treatments aren’t just a set of curtains or blinds that appear to keep the sun out. Blackout window treatments are thick and heavy. They block out the light, outside noise, and insulate our homes from the heat and cold. You can find different forms of blackout window treatments like blackout cellular shades, blackout draperies, blackout roman shades, and blackout woven wood shades. All types of blackout window treatments still meet the common goal of keeping out the light, heat or coldness, and keeping out noise.

Blackout shading systems

Blackout shading systems

Blackout window treatments are energy efficient and cost effective. Blackout window treatments are geared to block out 99% of the weather’s elements helping you to use less utilities; heaters, air conditioners, and lighting. Using fewer utilities in our homes calls for a better environment and for lower cost on our utility bills, it always pays off when we’re being energy efficient.

To achieve great energy efficiency and cost effectiveness you must choose the correct blackout window treatments. These window treatments should be fitted tightly against the window casing in which you will be coupling your blackout window treatment with. If not fitted correct, the elements you are trying to protect your home from will still seep through. Whichever type of blackout window treatment you choose, make sure there is an obvious distinction of a blackout liner or make sure they’re made of blackout material. If the correct materials weren’t used in manufacturing the product you purchase, these desired results won’t be met and won’t work as planned.

Have you tried blackout window treatments? What did you think? Please share your thoughts on these window treatments below.