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7 Decorating Tips for Your First Home

Posted: Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 | Filed under: Bedroom Design, First Home Advice, Home Design, interior design
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Decorating Your First HomeNow that the process of buying your first home has come to an end, it’s time to come up with a decorating plan that will allow you to personalize your rooms.  Decorating your first home is an exciting process that allows you to explore your taste in interior design, showcase well-loved items, and discover new furniture, color schemes, and window treatments.

How to Personalize Your New Home

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Window Treatments for Large Windows

Posted: Thursday, October 13th, 2011 | Filed under: interior design, modern window treatments, window treatments
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Sometimes choosing window treatments for large windows in your home can be challenging. Certain material (such as wood blinds) can become heavy if you’re opening and closing constantly. Other materials (such as draperies) can also pose challenges if you need function as well as style in your window treatments. Large windows can be hard to style with window treatments, so make sure you’re adding function and style considerations to your choices.

Vertical window treatments such as vertical blinds usually work best with wider windows, adding height to a room. Horizontal blinds such as cellular shades work best on taller windows to enhance the casual décor. You can maneuver horizontal blinds based on the amount of sunlight you want to enter a room, but if your window is wide, it can become difficult to pull strings up and down constantly.

When shopping for large window treatments, keep in mind the size of your window. You’re going to want to cover it, while also still providing privacy (including light control) and functionality. If you have small children and a trying to add window treatments to a large window, consider motorized shades. Since window shades can sometimes be difficult to operate on tall and wide windows, consider motorized shades to make your life easier. Many homeowners in the New York City area have added simplicity to their life by choosing motorized shades for their large windows.

You can add both functionality and style to your room with motorized shades. Many manufacturers have added decorative design fabrics to enhance the looks of their shades. Customize your large window treatments based on your personal style, but keep in mind the challenges large windows pose.