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What Are the Top Benefits of Woven Wood Shades?

Posted: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 | Filed under: window blinds, window shading, Woven Wood Shades
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Traditional Window Treatments

If you love the look of woven wood shades, the rich colors and appeal of natural wood materials coordinating with the design elements of your home’s rooms, you’ll be glad to know that woven wood shades also present a number of additional benefits as soon as your top shading company installs them in your home.

Here are some of the top benefits of adding woven wood shades as your choice of window treatments in your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms or any other space in your home that you’d like to give a makeover via stylish woven wood shades:
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Natural and Exotic Woven Wood Shades

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Wood Shades

Woven Wood Shades

If you live an eco-friendly lifestyle, natural woven wood shades can add a natural look to any of the rooms and window treatments in your home, and the shades and textures of the eco-friendly window treatments can evoke a tropical, exotic feel to your living space. For many of our New Jersey customers, natural woven wood shades remind them of their honeymoon or a dream vacation. While on a getaway of a lifetime, they may have enjoyed the look and diffused sunlight of natural woven wood shades and were inspired to ‘bring that same feel home’ for their everyday enjoyment.

Today’s natural woven wood shades are available in sustainable materials, from bamboo to matchsticks, large reeds, flat wood slats, braided rattan and even assorted grasses. Colors range from barely-there tan to chocolate browns, reddish browns to tortoise greens, and natural woven shades can be designed with alternating rows of color – such as light and dark tan or a more dramatic light tan and dark brown – to create a natural, island-inspired effect and exotic feel. Read more »