Commercial Window Shades For Your NYC Space

Whether you own a restaurant, office space, hotel, store, or any type of business, make sure you give your windows the royal treatment. Residential blinds are expensive, and inconvenient for a large number of windows. So you’ll need window treatments that won’t hurt your wallet or your space’s aesthetic. When you’re ready to drop your outdated shades, turn to NYC’s leading purveyor of window treatments. At Shading Systems Inc., we take pride in our work with commercial shades, and we’ll help you find the right ones for your NYC business.

Install Commercial Shades. Enjoy The Benefits.

Perfect for large windows or as room dividers, we build our commercial window treatments with durable materials that will last for years. Quit throwing money away on outdated, flimsy window treatments, and save money with our energy-efficient capabilities. Tired of distracting mid-day glares? Need some extra protection from intense UV rays? Want to save countless dollars on heating and cooling costs? Craving a way to spruce up your office? Our commercial window treatments are fire-retardant, hassle free, and even child-safe. Things are starting to look bright for your company, so connect with Shading Systems today.

Roller Shades – A Suitable Style For Any NYC Business

People adore our products, and with good reason too. Roller shades are timeless shades that give off ample protection from light. From solar shades to blackout, we’re your one-and-done stop for the most affordable roller shades in NYC. Don’t waste your money on expensive shades that don’t even cover all your windows.

Roller shades are less mess and less stress than any other window treatment. The last thing your business should have to worry about is dirty shades; making roller shades are the perfect option for any NYC commercial business.

Fold Draperies: Your Window Of Opportunity

If you’re looking to add some style to your NYC business, look no further than ripple fold draperies. You’ll need to install something elegant and beautiful to entice window shoppers. Add a sense of serenity with luxurious white shades, or give your business a private feel with all black drapes. Ripple fold draperies are perfect for media rooms, school, hospitals, and more. No matter what your needs are, Shading Systems Inc. can help you find the best shades for your business.

Motorized Shades For Maximum Convenience

Once you’ve settled on a style of commercial shade, give them an upgrade with our motorized shading offerings. Cranking open each window by hand is exhausting and a waste of time. With a touch of a button let your shades do the work for you. It’s a small treatment that will go a long way with your commercial shades.

Commercial Shades Designed To Fit Your NYC Space

The experts at Shading Systems Inc. are willing and able to deliver you the best window treatment experience in the New York Metropolitan area. Come explore our endless selection of beautiful fabrics and bold designs. With our help, you can expect to receive full window coverage regardless of shape and size. Give us a call at (212) 688-4466 today!

Project Spotlights

Solar Shades

Solar shades are designed to control the sunlight and heat penetrating a window. Depending on the location and the needs of the client, the amount of solar control can vary substantially.

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Privacy Shades

Privacy rather than solar protection is the objective in some applications. Privacy shades allow you to control the view from the outside in.

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Blackout Shades

Diffusing or filtering daylight isn’t always enough – some solar control situations call for substantially blocking light from a room. Bedrooms, for example, may need to shut out light to allow for comfortable sleep.

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