Electronic Solutions

Ingenuity in action” is the motto of this pioneer in high quality motor control technology, and today Electronic Solutions, Inc. (ESI) exemplifies that principle as a leading manufacturer of intelligent controls for motorized products. Its array of versatile control systems provide complete control for motorized solar shading systems: ESI platforms can provide real time feedback information to automated solar shading systems for precise control and monitoring of the sun

Maximum Versatility in Advanced Solar Shading Control
ESI’s solar shading controls offer great versatility – they can control window treatments of all kinds and are compatible with, and can be operated by a wide variety of of input methods: contact closures, IR signals, RS-232 and RS-322 serial commands, as well as ESI’s own line of sensors and input devices. ESI also offers a line of motor controls that are part of the popular Z-Wave platform. Available input devices include keypads, remote controls, switches, dry contact interfaces, sun sensors, solar tracking systems. Supporting software ESI GUI, Pronto IR, Marantz IR and Shade Commander.

ESI offers DC motor controls for Interior and exterior applications, and critical components and accessories including low input devices, voltage interface controls, automation accessories and systems, installation accessories and tools, and custom assembled UL panels. ESI solutions are universal, scalable, flexible, economical and reliable, offering both simple integration and high-performance.

Whatever the motorized shading system need, ESI has likely already developed and applied a solution. We value our relationship with them, and representing ESI’s products in the Greater New York area has been instrumental in making us the provider of choice for high quality shading control solutions in the region.

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