Exterior Shades – Ideal for Large Expanses of Glass

For various reasons there are occasions when exterior shades make the best choice for a window shade covering. Sometimes this is because you are looking to control sunlight in an open, outdoor structure (such as a poolside pergola, or a wrap around porch). Sometimes, there are heat and solar reasons for wanting to control sunlight before it enters a building at all. In both of these situations, you are likely to be searching for exterior window shade options. Managing heat and light in this way can be through the use of exterior rollup screens, retractable awnings, fixed panels and curving systems.

When Do You Need Exterior Shades?

There are many times when exterior shades are the right choices. You may have an outdoor area that has some structure around it, but one that is not capable of truly giving you light and sun control. Any deck space, patio space or outdoor living area can provide comfort, relaxation, shade from the sun and still be pleasing to the eye when you have the proper options in exterior shading. The right style awning or rollup screen can make an outdoor living space exponentially more useful when you can properly control sunlight and heat and provide a wonderful spot for outdoor entertaining. Indoors, ideally, any time that you have a large expanse of glass or window that faces skyward (skylights, sunrooms, solariums, greenhouses) you may want to consider exterior shading. Exterior shades help enormously with controlling heat, especially in very sunny climates, because an exterior shade stops the sunlight before it ever enters the building.

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