Skylight Window Shading

An understated and timeless elegance is one of the reasons why folding shades have maintained their status as the classic window covering option. With a wide variety of decorative options available, folding shades offer everything from the always popular Roman shades to accordion pleats to honeycomb shade structures.

Further increasing your window shading options is the added variety of fabric and pleat choices that bring a level of versatility to your design approach that no other window shading can provide.

A Folded Shade Style for Every Design Style

When you decide to purchase folding shades for your window coverings the options are limitless. This style of fabric shading can be made to fit any design style that you have introduced to your home. You can opt for fabrics and styles that have a drapier feel and, depending on fabric options, this type of window cover can look more or less formal. If you choose to stay with a flat fold you can maintain clean lines around your windows, which is a terrific option for a room with a more modern design style. There are teardrop styles that can be used for a more formal elegant look, and with any style you can choose from a wide variety of fabrics that let you control the filtering of light through a window, and may also include insulating effects.

Window shades with custom shapes and window shades with custom fabrics are available with options such as valences, bottom-up window shade operation, and a wide variety of high tech window shade motor control options, so that your options are truly limitless. Shading Systems Inc is the top supplier of window treatments, roller shades, sunroom shades, folding shades, and other shading systems. With the largest selection of high quality folding shades and manual systems for high tech window shade control, we offer our customers the widest selection of options and price points in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut region.

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