High-End Window Treatments in NYC

Whether you’re moving into a new NYC apartment or looking to replace your damaged shades, it’s time to give your home some love with high-end window treatments.

Finding luxurious shades without breaking the bank is difficult, but Shading Systems can help. Our trained specialists will walk you through the process until you find the perfect shades for your gorgeous home.

High-End Window Treatments Sporting Luxurious Designs

Roman shades are perfect for any NYC homeowner who values privacy. Use them alone, layer them, or pair them with other breathtaking designs for an added level of sophistication in every room.

Want all the benefits of larger shades for a fraction of the size? Then try installing Austrian shades to your NYC space. The delicate layering lets in the perfect amount of sunlight, transforming your apartment into an opulent palace. These shades are so elegant you’ll forget about the NYC skyline sitting right outside.

Cellular shades serve an uncompromising style that works with any high-end home. These versatile shades allow in the perfect amount of light to complement your room’s aesthetic. These shades are sleek, chic, and a flawless addition to any room.

Motorized Shading Options Fuel Any Room’s Style

Our motorized shading solutions provide optimal convenience. Once you’ve installed your new window treatments, you’ll have greater control of your room’s environment. What better way to complete your high-end treatments than with shades that draw themselves? Motorized shades are the cherry on top of your beautiful room. With the push of a button, motorized shades cut out the hassle of manually tending to the curtains.

High-End Shades Embellished With Fierce & Fabulous Fabrics

Each window treatment offers its own flair and sense of elegance, but the wrong fabric can ruin your home’s aesthetic. Use linen or lace with neutral colors to bring the room together without making a huge statement. Silk is the flawless fabric that gives a rich finish to any window treatment. Each fabric is great for letting in the perfect amount of sun to light up the room while keeping the UV rays low. No matter what look you’re trying to create, these fabrics will add class to your NYC apartment!

Dress Your NYC Space. Install High-End Window Treatments Today

With a variety of fabrics and designs, you are bound to find a window treatment that suits your style. Our custom high-end window treatments combine sophistication, innovation, and energy efficiency. Transform your outdated windows into breathtaking wonders. Give us a call at (212) 688-4466 today!

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