ATTENTION: NYSAN is no longer in business and their shading products cannot be repaired. Shading Systems Inc can meet your shading control needs by selling you a high quality replacement, dropped shipped to your home. Please contact us at 908-686-4466!

Nysan manufactures smart, sophisticated and sustainable solar control systems. The company’s comprehensive range of interior and exterior solar control systems gives architects the tools to meet the demands of today’s sustainable performance buildings. Their control systems include fully integrated sun tracking solutions, manual and automated roller shades, skylight systems, light shelves, sun louvers, exterior shading systems, and fabrics.

Nysan’s external shading, daylighting solutions and tensile fabric structures maximize solar performance. Their daylighting blinds harvest natural light to increase indoor comfort, reduce dependency on artificial light and lower energy costs. Automated with Solarware controllers, the concave, louvered window blinds direct light farther across a room while keeping workplaces glare free. The fully integrated shading control system manages light and glare by actively responding to consistent changes within its internal and external environments. Nysan’s Greenscreen line of high performance solar shading fabrics are available in a wide variety of custom colors and opaqueness factors, all PVC free.

Nysan’s Green Initiative provides assistance to architects and designers in accumulating LEEDS credits, supplying the technical data needed necessary for documentation. Nysan’s thermal reduction products (external shading, reflective GreenScreen fabrics and more) have characteristics that reduce energy use and go beyond required standards mandated to address the environmental impacts associated with excessive energy use.
With the growing emphasis on reducing energy consumption, Nysan’s solar control systems have found homes in many of our commercial and residential installations. Representing their products in the New York area has helped make us the leading provider of shading system solutions in the metro region.

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