Patio Awnings For NYC Homes

If you want to spend more time enjoying summer days while lounging your patio, look into installing patio awnings. Patio awnings offer extra sun protection and coverage for your home. Shading Systems Inc. proudly offers consultation and installation services for high-quality patio awnings that will improve the look and feel of your home or business’ outdoor space.

What Are Patio Awnings?

Awnings are roofs or covers stretched on an outdoor overhead frame and are used to keep the sun or rain off the surface. Patio awnings protect your patio and backyard from the harsh sunlight during the summer. They’re terrific outdoor home treatments because of two factors:


Patio awnings are meant to protect your outdoor deck from intense sunlight, as well as rain. If you want to spend more time in the backyard, installing an awning is your best bet. They provide the proper amount of shade so you can eat, read, or lounge in peace. Awnings also provide shade for your windows and doors – you won’t get blinded by sunlight or experience annoying glares while you’re indoors if you install an awning in front of your backyard windows and doors. You’ll also save on energy costs because they block sunlight from spreading indoors, and there won’t be any heat transfer from outside, so you won’t have to turn your air conditioning up during the summertime.


Patio awnings can also create the perfect atmosphere for your backyard or other outdoor space. Awnings come in a variety of different materials, colors, and finishes, so you can find the best one for your patio. The most popular colors are white, ivory, bronze, and beige, as these colors reflect sunlight, instead of absorbing it. Patio awnings can transform your normal deck into a new ‘room’ outdoors for you and your guests’ entertainment.

Retractable Awnings For Your NYC Outdoor Space

Retractable awnings are the perfect option for your New York City home if you live in an area that experiences different climates. Technological advances have made motorized shading controls easier than ever for you to control and adjust retractable awnings. With just a push of a button, you can retract your awning to let more sunlight onto your patio or provide protection during inclement weather. Some advanced retractable awnings even have control systems that can sense sun and wind patterns and adjust accordingly. This is perfect with New York’s unpredictable weather. Needless to say, retractable awnings have become quite popular in recent years because of this amazing new technology.

Perfect Patio Awnings For Your NYC Home

The installers at Shading Systems can help you find the right patio awning for your home in the New York City area. We have helped both residential and commercial clients install awnings for their exterior spaces, providing both the perfect shade and design aesthetic. Talk to a professional installer at Shading Systems today by dialing (888) 742-3634. Get ready to see how a new patio awning can improve the design, feel, and enjoyment of your outdoor NYC space!

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