Retractable Awnings and Outdoor Spaces

Retractable awnings have long been a popular choice for NYC residents trying to maximize the use of their beautiful outdoor spaces. Because of rapid growth in fabric choices, design options, and motorized control options, the ways that people can install retractable awnings are limitless! The professional window installers at Shading System, Inc can support NYC residents with anything from deciding on the right standard-sized awning to designing a custom retractable awning. We’ve assisted many NYC area homeowners with awning installations in their patios, cabanas, balconies, decks and other outdoor spaces. We have also helped architects and commercial property owners design custom made awnings for large exterior spaces. It’s no surprise why this nifty feature is the preferred shading option for homeowners in NYC. Retractable awnings let you maximize the use of exterior areas, by providing fashionable protection against nature’s elements.

Technological advances in motorized window shading controls allow you to adjust retractable shades and awnings to any desired degree of shading. You can program them to adjust to sun and wind effects, or program them with rain or wind sensors through timers, indoor switches, or even by simple remote control. Advances in window awning designs also mean that you can install them without a permanent frame, which gives you wider usage possibilities, makes installation much easier, and retraction options during inclement weather provide added protection to allow you to use them for many years. Typically, awnings come in white, ivory, bronze, and camel colors. Even better, retractable awnings are easy to maintain, which makes cleaning a cinch.

Window Awnings Reduce Interior Heat by 77%

Retractable awnings are also a terrific way to protect the indoor spaces that they affect by cutting glare, heat and UV rays because they do so before the light and heat reach the indoor space, making them more highly energy efficient. By shading exterior windows and doors, retractable awnings cut the heat in your NYC apartment by 77% during warmer months. This can translate to a reduction of 25% in air conditioning and other energy bills according to the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). From a design perspective, depending on what option you decide on, retractable awnings can also completely refresh the look and feel of your NYC home. The increase in options for standard fabrics and styles, as well as custom design options, mean that you can design and install a retractable awning that matches your design aesthetic AND gives a completely new look to your home.

The best retractable awnings are made by a handful of manufacturers and we carry them all. They’re designed for both residential and commercial spaces and allow you to choose from features such as awnings with aluminum powder-coated frames, awnings with Kevlar joints, stainless steel fixture awnings, and more.

No matter what size your location or your outdoor space, our retractable awning specialists can help you make the best design and pricing choices for your NYC apartment. Shading Systems offers a great selection of skylight shades, solar shades, roller shades and other window treatment in New Jersey and New York. Install your retractable awning today!

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