Window Roller Shades Offer The Widest Selection of Style and Fabrics

If you are looking for a window treatment that will give you the widest range of choices in systems, styles and fabrics, then roller shades are an excellent option for you to consider. Because recent trends in home design are focused on “clean” and “minimal” aesthetics, roller shades have become the most popular style of window shade. Sleek hardware and fabric storage (no stacking fabric), combined with the ability to control sun, heat, and glare have also contributed to the rising popularity of roller shades. Design options also allow customers to recess the shading, or fit the window with a valance and hide the roller that lifts the fabric.

Specialty Fabrics for Roller Shades

The flexibility offered by roller shades allows you to choose from a wide variety of options, covering everything from solar fabrics that give privacy and light, to blackout shades that will completely darken a space. Gone are the days where you needed to choose form and function over design appeal. In fact, roller shades have become such a popular choice in recent years that manufacturers have increased the fabric spectrum even further to include durable designer fabrics. Never before have roller shades given us such a terrific field of choices.

Shading Systems Inc will also work with any homeowner or business owner that wants to take advantage of the newest cutting edge technology in motorized roller shades. These motorized shading systems can be integrated into most lighting, audio visual, home automation and/or home theater systems. When you want to, it is as simple as touching a button and you can make a room brighter, or darker, or just slightly change the ambiance. As always, manual shades are also available, and we offer them in classic styles, with reliable stainless steel pull chains.

Roller shades are experiencing a resurgence in popularity because of their ability to completely darken a room, and because they can offer many options in sun control and privacy.

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