Shade Installation For NYC Homes & Offices

Proper installation is crucial for your window treatments to give your home or office in New York City proper sunlight control. Blinds and shades offer both a functional and aesthetic purpose for your windows, so it’s of utmost importance that they’re installed correctly to ensure that their functionality and design remain intact.

Proper Window Installation Services For NYC Homes

If you pull your blinds up, they should open. If you pull your blinds down, they should block sunlight from entering your room, simple right? If you have an especially small, large, or otherwise shaped window, the treatment should properly fit the window. None of this is possible if the window shades aren’t properly installed. Additionally, properly installed window treatments potentially raise the value of your home and lower your energy costs.

Professional Shade Installation For NYC Homes

Window treatment installation is a time and energy-consuming process. If you’re a home or business owner, chances are you don’t have time to install treatments on every window in your NYC home or office. This is where a professional shade installation service will come in and do the work for you. An experienced shade installation service will be able to assess and analyze what type of treatments your windows need and provide proper planning and aftercare in addition to their installation services.

World-Class Installation Services For NYC Homes & Offices

Whether you’re looking to install interior, exterior, residential, or commercial window treatments, Shading Systems offers top of the line installation services. We service residential and commercial clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, and we also have experience providing expert solutions for international clients. We have expertise in crafting custom shading and light control solutions due to our long-standing history as a valued dealer for some of the top brands in the window treatment industry.

Our commitment to service is unmatched – part of our installation process is continued upkeep, and we’re always available for help should you need any assistance with your new window treatments. Learn more about what we can offer by contacting our NYC office. Dial (888) 742-3634 to connect with a Shading Systems representative today.

Project Spotlights

Solar Shades

Solar shades are designed to control the sunlight and heat penetrating a window. Depending on the location and the needs of the client, the amount of solar control can vary substantially.

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Privacy Shades

Privacy rather than solar protection is the objective in some applications. Privacy shades allow you to control the view from the outside in.

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Blackout Shades

Diffusing or filtering daylight isn’t always enough – some solar control situations call for substantially blocking light from a room. Bedrooms, for example, may need to shut out light to allow for comfortable sleep.

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