Solar Shades

Solar shades are designed to control the sunlight and heat penetrating a window. Depending on the location and the needs of the client, the amount of solar control can vary substantially. Fortunately, roller shade styles and fabrics provide enough options to satisfy both the function and style demands any situation calls for.

We can offer a choice of hundreds of fabrics that will meet the needs for managing sunlight at a given location – for both interior and exterior systems. And we also have a large array of manual and motorized control systems. You can link motorized systems with sunlight, heat, and other sensors, allowing for automated operation of the systems.

Along with a full range of solar shade solutions, we offer unmatched experience in selecting and installing these window treatments, whether for a luxurious residence or in high-end commercial buildings. That’s why architects, contractors and discriminating homeowners alike turn to us for their solar shading system needs.

We design, customize, and install solar shades in apartments, offices, and high rise buildings in NYC. Call today 212-688-4466.

Project Spotlights

Roller Shades

Roller shades are an excellent window treatment option for many solar control applications, providing a wide choice of systems, styles and fabrics.

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Privacy Shades

Privacy rather than solar protection is the objective in some applications. Privacy shades allow you to control the view from the outside in.

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Blackout Shades

Diffusing or filtering daylight isn’t always enough – some solar control situations call for substantially blocking light from a room. Bedrooms, for example, may need to shut out light to allow for comfortable sleep.

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