Somfy Systems

Somfy designs and manufactures specialized motors and electronic controls for interior and exterior window coverings. Motorized window coverings solve the problem of trying to adjust heavy shades or blinds, or adjust window shades, blinds or curtains in hard to reach locations. They ease of use for the elderly or handicapped, and simplify the tedious task of raising or lowering a group of coverings.

A technology innovator, Somfy’s controls bring automated shading control to a new level of power and sophistication. Built-in radio technology in Somfy (STS) controls allows shades to be operated without direct line of sight from almost anywhere in the house, and permits control of multiple shades throughout a home either individually or as a group. Noise reduction technology in Somfy’s Sunesse motors provide ultra quiet operation for a variety of window coverings. With battery powered DecoFlex WireFree RTS wall switches, window coverings can be adjusted as simply as turning lights on or off when entering or leaving a room.

For more demanding applications, Somfy’s Telis Composio features a 20 channel remote control with onscreen display for simple navigation and adjustment of window coverings in multiple zones throughout the house. The Chronis combination timer wall switch can be programmed to automatically adjust shades at preset times during the day, adding security to an unoccupied home by creating a lived in look even when homeowners are away on vacation. And for totally automated control, the Sunis Indoor WireFree RTS sensor monitors the intensity of the sun to provide automatic control of window coverings.

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