Sunroom Shades for Your Greenhouse Spaces

Light is a wonderful addition to any room, and designers and architects have developed many new ways to allow light to stream into homes and apartments. Skylights, once considered a very exotic option, can now be found in many homes and offices.

Commercial offices that are constrained by space often look to introduce a more open and airy feeling by adding in windows and glass. Likewise, atriums, solariums, sunrooms and greenhouse structures are now found in many homes. Ecologically friendly design encourages the use of windows in order to allow more light and heat into homes. However, this also means that demand for shading systems that allow homeowners to better control light and darkness is at an all time high.

When you are working to pick an option for providing window shade coverage of a large window or glass structure, they are oftentimes built in ways that can make reaching them, or measuring for them, a challenge. If you have a large expanse of glass (for example, if you have integrated a greenhouse into your home or apartment), you may need to use a series of individual panels in order to control the amount of sunlight (and heat) that you want to allow into a space. High atriums often require motorized shading systems so that fabric window coverings can block out light from certain areas at specific times of day. These are all options that we are able to provide to our customers with varying fabric choices and at varying price points.

Sleek Retractable Window Shades

Retractable shades are often the top choice for clients that need to cover a large expanse of glass. They are sleek looking and their minimal design helps you cut down on excess sunlight and heat entering your home through your windows. Retractable shades can be set or programmed to adjust to any position according to your light needs (fully opened or fully shut or anything in between) during any day or season. Retractable shades are also a terrific boost to your budget as they can reduce cooling costs during warmer months and heating costs during colder months. They help you protect furnishings, plants, and floors from repeated heat exposure and of course, let you determine how private you would like keep any room.

In any room where vast glass windows and excess sunlight are a potential design problem, automated motorized control shading is also a very popular option. Any type of retractable shade installations can be motorized and controlled by a remote unit. Suddenly light and heat control is as simple as the touch of a button! Moreover, a wide range of motorized units allows our customers to pick from a variety of options and price points.

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